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Tyler Perry’s first 5 movies have grossed over $250 million, and he’s sold more than 25 million DVD’s. It’s safe to say that Mr. perry is the new King Midas, for everything he touches turns into a profit. He has the most watched cable sitcom ever in history. He’s been on best selling lists for his books, and in October he will cut the ribbon to his 2nd office/studio in his hometown Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Forbes he made a whopping $125 million last year. In addition, he’s become quite the Hollywood heavyweight, for he owns all the rights to his movis, DVD”, plays etc. Not even mega director Steven Spielberg can say that about his movies.

“This is definitely the beginning of Tyler’s next phase in the entertainment business,” says Mike Paseornek, president of motion picture production at Lionsgate, which has released all of Perry’s films and recently closed a new three-year, first-look deal with him. “Tyler is going to start working more with the Hollywood community, and that will bring a diversity of projects to him that he can then put his creative stamp on.”

Perry is paid $15 million to write, direct, act, and produce, plus given a 15% first dolar gross & box office bonuses. His deal is very lucrative and he still going strong. His hit cable sitcom will go into national syndication soon, and TBS has picked up another 100 episodes for the show.

“He has a true understanding of his brand, an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to bet on himself,” says Charles King, Perry’s agent at WMA.

Indeed, after a failed attempt earlier in his career, Perry now has shown an immunity to the Hollywood doldrums of failed movies. None of Perry’s movies or plays have ever flopped. He’s exhibited staying power in an industry that looks after his own. Perry is an outsider by design, his projects were never green lighted in Hollywood, prompting him to go it alone. Now, Hollwood is clamoring to jum on the bandwagon…

Tyler Perry Studios has purchased a 28 acre lot & 200,000 square feet of office space that he paid for outright. Perry owns the space outright which should give him leverage in the future. The space will feature 5 soundstages, and Perry will enjoy a 30% tax advantage by building his studio in Atlanta, as opposed to L.A. or New York. The brother is multi-talented & has a sharp business acumen. 

“He has made a huge impact on Georgia’s entertainment industry over the last several years,” says Bill Thompson, the state’s film commissioner, who estimates Perry’s impact is in the range of $100 million annually. “He employs hundreds of Georgians and brings great promotional value to the state. He is the anchor of our indigenous film industry.”

  1. Wow, Tyler is doing Historic things!! I think Noah Sife is hands down going to be the next Tyler Perry!!

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