In HOT BUTTON TOPIC, INTERNATIONAL NEWS on August 21, 2008 at UTC.04.31.

Becky Hammond, a WNBA star, and MVP candidate last year is the starting point guard for Russia’s national team. Team USA’s coach has already called Hammond’s desire to play for Russia as “unpatriotic.”

So, with that in mind tomorrow’s game against these two teams is sure to be heated & more than a battel for the gold. No one really knows how the players will respond on the court. For sure, everyone on TEAM USA knows Hammond, but its bound to be a little uncomfortable.

These are just two of the four teams that made the final four to GOLD. Russia v USA play the first semi final on 8/21 at 8 am on NBC followed after by AUS v CHN.

Not to mention, the latest foreign policy crisis with Russia invading democratic nation Georgia a couple of weeks ago. Tensions have been escalating as the two cold war foes exchange words in the International media. To exacerbate these tensions, Russian Alexander Putin was seen cozily chatting it up with President Bush at the opening ceremonies were under way. All the while, Russian was staging their invasion during the same time frame.

So, with all this hype & subplots this game is sure to be a firestorm from start to finish.


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