Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones dies from aneurysm

In ANCESTORS on August 21, 2008 at UTC.05.31.

Ardent Clinton supporter Tubbs Jones died while behind the wheel in Ohio Wednesay afternoon. She died from a brain aneurysm. Tubbs Jones, was just 58 years old and was serving her 5th term in Cleveland where she was born & raised. She is survived by one son.

Tubbs Jones was known for being outspoken in the Congress. In 2003 she was the only Ohio congressperson to vote “NO” on a resolution to provide support for the troops in Iraq. Her vote was no because she said that the resolution was connected to Iraq & it suggested that Iraq still poses a threat to the U.S., and played a role in 9/11 attacks.

“Our veterans deserve better than lip service,” she said.

Hilary, Bill & Chelsea Clinton issued a statement, “We could always count on her to be a shoulder on which to lean, an ear to bend, a voice to reassure,” the Clintons said. “Over the course of many years, with many ups and many downs, Stephanie was right by our side — unwavering, indefatigable.

“It was that fighting spirit — safely stowed behind her disarming smile, backed by so much integrity and fiery intelligence — that allowed Stephanie to rise from modest beginnings, to succeed in public service, to become a one-woman force for progress in our country.”

Prayers go out to her family, friends and loved ones.

  1. 1jFfRz Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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