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There is an old song that goes, “ain’t nothing going on, but the rent….you gotta have a J. O. B. , if you wanna be with me……ain’t no romance w/o finance…” This is in response to an article I read that said financial strain is linked to physical pain. Interesting, basically the premise is that access to capital determines the well-being of a relationship. To be sure, we all know that, but what if that same rule applied to your physical relation with yourself.

‘Princeton economist Alan Krueger, who co-authored the study, said, “Those with higher incomes welcome pain almost by choice, usually through exercise. At lower incomes, pain comes as the result of work.”

 This is a startling revelation, though one that makes absolute sense. Poor people don’t welcome pain in any form. For one their to busy trying to plan the next, prepare for the next days work. Fewer opportunities relegate one to a certain lifestyle, whereas, more income affords one more opportunities.

“The study, first released in a British journal, found Americans in households making less than $30,000 a year spend nearly 20 percent of their lives in moderate to severe pain, compared with less than 8 percent of people in households earning above $100,000. High school drop outs were susceptible to twice the amount of pain as college graduates.”

Startling, the more I make the healthier I am. Seems to me thats the best incentive to be wealthy, although what about those who earn less. Factor in that most low income earners might not have the skill set or education level to break through the “glass ceiling.” What we see are cycles of poverty perpetuated over many generations. No wonder the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same.

“Richer persons tend to be wiser when it comes to seeking out medical attention before its too late,” says Nettie Muhammad, a licensed professional counselor.

This raises another critical issue, and alludes to another proverb: “an ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold.” The best health remedy is preventitive, that is fighting the illness or pain before it becomes malignant. In reality, this can only be achieved if you have health care coverage primarily. Secondarily, you have PTO time (paid time off) from your job to get a regular checkup or physical examination.

Believe it or not, a simple practice of just going to get a check up can be a real chore for lower income earners. In fact, everything is exacerbated as a result of lower income. Which leads me to believe its by design, and not coincidental.

‘In 2004, nearly $2.6 billion was spent on over-the-counter medications and another $14 billion on outpatient analgesics. Research conducted in Michigan showed disparities in access to pharmacies in neighborhoods was a major pain management issue.’

“Those (pharmacies) in White zip codes were more than 13 times more likely to have sufficient supplies,” says Dr. Carmen Green, who lead the Michigan study. “I have patients who have to drive 30 miles or more just to get their pain medications.”

Unbelievable, the pharmicist in some areas are less likely to have the medications that sick patients need for wellness. Just one more reason African Americans have higher mortality rates, high blood pressure, hypertension and a host of maladies that we lead the nation in. We must be the cash cow that FDA uses to meet its bottom line. $$$

Why are the resources in certain areas historically negligible? Why is it the same across the board: education, healthcare, environment & housing?



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