In DIASPORA TALK, HOT BUTTON TOPIC on August 20, 2008 at UTC.48.31.

Since when has expressing critical analysis looked upon as unfavorable? Why is voicing dissent looked upon as unpatriotic, or divisive? If Black voters offer critique of the Obama campaign why can’t that be a favorable thing? Especially, if those same dissenters are, in fact, Obama supporters. In order to improve this union, or to make it more perfect than it is, then we need critical analysis, not yes men who agree without thought.

Its like everyone must play a game of appeasement, and expediency because no one wants to isolate anyone else, meanwhile, pertinent issues are thrown to the way side. People are afraid to stand up for key issues with fear of alienating “the other side.” Indeed, I am a believer in inclusion, not exclusion. One day I hope someone has the heart & soul to speak truth to power, if not then we will have even more pessimism, cynicism & apathy.

With the realization that candidates must appeal to a wide array of constituents, the squeaky wheel always gets the oil. Keeping this in mind its incumbent for all independent thinkers to keep up the pressure of adding, the little man’s issues, and keeping our fight in the political arena. If we don’t who will?

As a student of history, I can tell you personalities like Patrick Henry who said, “Give me Liberty or Give me death” had an enduring impression on my psyche. To think someone believes in a tenet so fervently they would risk life & limb to see it accomplished. The founding fathers of America voiced dissent against Englan for “taxation without representation!”

As an African American citizen in America I voice my dissent with statutory, de facto laws designed to keep us “in our place.” Redlining, the practice of institutions drawing a red line around particular communities so as to cahrge higher premiums for services. It’s an illegal practice, however it goes on inner-cities across America everyday.

Things must change, for to stay the same is equivalent to death. In life, there is only one constant and that is change. So, life is full of the living, and those that want to live fully, and not just survive as many do languishing in poverty of the spirit. Poverty is spiritual because you can’t even think about spirituality if your concern is where your next meal is coming from, on the other hand, with the luxury afforded by material success one can take time to heighten their soul.


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