In CULTURE, MUSIC on August 19, 2008 at UTC.16.31.

Ice-Cube, Nas, LL Cool J, and Queen Latifah grace the cover for the 20 year celebration of Source hip-hop magazine. Each artist has their own special edition cover that will be sold as a collectors item. Certainly, these four are hip-hop royalty.

Ice Cube is a big time director, with his Entertainment company, CubeVision. he’s one of the hottest young new directors in Hollywood. With his cult hit Friday, Cube became a household name. He’s best known for his gangsta rap days with the group NWA. However, his star has shone well beyond gangsta rap. Meantime, word on the street is Cube has another rap album coming out.

Nas is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time. He inspired Jay-Z, & Biggie Smalls East coast dons in the rap game. He’s been around so long, yet his lyrical ability is still ferocious when motivated. Remember, the instant classic ONE MIC. Nas went on to marry R & B sensation Kelis, moreover, he put his feelings out there by recording a song about there “hooking up’, and had Neo Soul giant Maxwell singing backup. Creatively, lyrically and consciously Nas has no equal.

Queen Latifah, like LL Cool J, are triple threats. They rap, act & sing in Latifah’s case; LL has dabbled in production work behind the scenes from his TV spot few years back. No one commands the attention of the female persuasion like L. At the same time, he maintains legitimate street credibility because he has “bodied” so many rappers with his storied “rap beefs & battles.” L battled rapper Cannibis years ago, and no one has seen or heard from ole boy since.

Latifah, released a soft-jazz album a couple years ago that showed the industry her diverse skills. She even has a new song tehy play call champion, which has been endorsed as the unofficial TEAM USA song. At least, on commercials that is…..


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