In INTERNATIONAL NEWS, SPORTS on August 19, 2008 at UTC.24.31.

Usain Bolt from Jamaica shattered the Men’s 100m record in dramatic form. Out pacing the competition by at least 10 yards and shutting in down after about 90 meters.. Bolt made his final record setting victory look easy. Its as if he was more driven to win, as opposed, to setting records.

Indeed, he’s been on the scene for 6 years, winning his first championship at the tender age of 15 years old. Bolt is a phenomenal athlete who seems primed to break more records in Beijing and in the world at large.


In the Olympic men’s 100m final on Saturday night, Bolt, who eased down 30-metres out, looked both sides and started his celebrations. Even then, Bolt still was able to break his own world record (9.72) with a 9.69 stunner.

It was behind this, Donovan Bailey, who a couple months ago picked Bolt to win, was quick to say, “the time was not surprising at all”. “Usain is going to lower that time significantly over the next year and during his career,” he said while staying away from saying how low.


Injuries had restricted the arrival of Jamaica’s Usain Bolt on the international scene, but signs of his dominance & skill-set were on view in 2002. In 02, when he became the youngest 200m junior world champion at 15 years of age, finishing with a remarkable 19.93 seconds winning time.


Bolt’s last historical moment came just a few short months ago. May 31, 2008, Bolt made headlines around the world with a stunning new world record of 9.72 seconds in the 100m. The dramatic irony is that this race, the 100M isn’t his race. He only ran this distance as apart of his training regime. In fact, prior to the Olympic win he hadn’t ran that race more than a 3-4 times.

Unbelievable! certainly, making his rise to preeminence that more outstanding. Everyone, had American runner Tyson Gay as the clear favorite and the man to beat. Although, as the qualifying times were posted, it was clear Gay wasn’t his usual dominant self. Reports say he injured his hamstring about 30 days ago. It’s a bitter ending for Gay who was looking to make history in Beijing.

Now, he was a first hand observer & commentator on the history that Bolt made. Indeed, even his neighbor and fellow “yardie” was also picked ahead of Bolt. Usain silenced all his detractors. I don’t think anyone has won that convincingly as Bolt did, and he’s only 22 years old.


“I induct Usain into the exclusive club of being world-record holder and Olympic champion all in one … I was the last guy that did that (in the 100m) and, to be honest, I am happy to have him as a part of that exclusive club,” Donovan Bailey said.


In Atlanta 1996, Bailey, born in Jamaica, won the 100m title in a world record 9.84, which until Saturday was the Olympic record. However, he said he was delighted Bolt had erased it.

“You don’t even understand how happy I am that it (record) went to him,” Bailey said.

I am the Olympic champion of the world … number one … 9.69, no one can beat me,” Bolt says. That’s right, sun, show the world your swagger! Do you!

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