In INTERNATIONAL NEWS, SPORTS on August 19, 2008 at UTC.27.31.

“Jamaican sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser destroyed a world class field in the 100m women’s final meet to win the Olympic title. Fraser, dragging along fast-finishing comrades Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart to complete a historic shutout at the games of the 29th Olympiad. Fraser ran down Simpson, who had the early lead. It was a dramatic finish to what has been an historical two days in track and field for TEAM JAMAICA.”

“JAMAICANS CELEBRATED for the second night in a row at the Beijing National Stadium when little-known Shelly-Ann Fraser, a fun-loving 21-year-old from the Waterhouse community in St Andrew, led a historic sweep of the medals in the women’s 100 metres final.”

Shelly-Ann Fraser won the women’s dash Sunday, pumping her fist as she was clocked in 10.78 seconds. Teammates Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart finished in a dead heat for the silver, 0.20 second back for a (1-2-2 finish)– the same margin Jamaica’s Usain Bolt won by Friday night when he flamboyantly celebrated to the finish in 9.69 seconds.

“When I was thinking about it, I was getting ahead of myself,” Fraser said about a gold medal. “I was like, ‘Calm down. First you need to go out there and do it.”‘

She won the meet in the widest margin since the 1988 games. . So, its safe to say, TEAM JAMAICA has the fastest men & women sprinters in the world. I mean, seldom have we seen team dominance like this. Fraser & Bolt are dynamic world class athletes that deserve all the praises they no doubt will recieve.

As she crossed the finish line a full body length ahead of the rest of the field, the judges had to go to the cameras to determine who finished 2nd. As they did, Reggae music could be heard blaring from the crowd as they celebrated Jamaicas 2nd Gold medal in as many days.

Torii Edwards, finished last, thought she had false started, and her coach filed a protest on her behalf. Muna Lee, finished fifth and Lauryn Williams finished fourth.

“It was a flagrant and a blatant false start that was not recalled and had tremendous impact on the race,” said Lee’s coach, Vince Anderson, just before the rejection. “But they’re not going to rerun the Olympic 100. Anyone who knows anything knows that.”

That’s history now, and is after-the-fact.


  1. WOW ! Jamaica on top 😛

    Nice post
    Thanks 🙂

  2. yes gold at last gold at last

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