“It has come to our attention that representatives of Hamed Hadadi, an Iranian basketball player, may be contacting NBA teams to discuss the possibility of signing Mr. Hadadi to an NBA player contract. We have been advised that a federal statute prohibits a person or organization in the United States from engaging in business dealings with Iranian nationals.”

The NBA must first get the permission from Washington bureaucrats first before they begin negotiations with the Iranian player. The Grizzlies are reportedly already engaged in that part of the process.

Isn’t it amazing what American business will do to gain competitive edges on their competition. I mean were not even debating the fact that his country has hostile relations with our country. Nor, that all diplomatic relations between our countries are figid at best, especially since we have reason to believe Iran is developing nuclear weapons. When does the desire to WIN supercede the rights of American families?

I support his desire to want to play in the U.S., but I find it inconcievable the NBA would attempt to move heaven & earth just to land a 7’2″ giant of a man with minimal basketball talent. We are the land of the brave, not land of the stupid. Meaning, I think there could be political fallout if Memphis signs him IMO. (in my opinion)

Hadadi said, “I will undoubtedly join Memphis Grizzlies by the end of next week. I met Memphis’ officials yesterday to discuss joining the team.”

This dude is speaking as if he has the personal number to the bureaucrats in D.C. whom must first approve this deal. From my understanding no word has been given yet if he can come, until then we have to assume he can’t because its against the law. His agent must be filling his head with all this nonsense to keep his morale up, and his bank account in the black. According to NBA rules, foreign players have to legally wait for their work permit. Who knows how long that could take, its not a swift process. 

“I recieved many offers from European teams but just playing in the NBA is my dream. Hopefully, I can join Memphis as soon as possible without any problem” the 7 foot 2 inch Iranian Olympian Hadadi said.



  1. Hi
    ” 7′2″ giant of a man with minimal basketball talent”????
    Seriously? I mean I’m not saying this guy will be the superstar in NBA (If he joins Memphis or…) but come on !!
    This Guy had a Double Double Average in first 5 games in Olympic he had better performance than Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh (I didn’t follow other teams games so I don’t know about other teams) and he had the highest RPG in first 5 games and not to mention Iran’s Point and Shooting Guards were not even comparable to US Guards or other teams
    Give him a little Credit

  2. If rebounds is all you need than yes, he might do fine, but with all that potential, sooner or later he’ll have to develop an offensive arsenal. Unless, he just wants to be marginal role player that can just defend & rebound i.e Desagna Diop for the Dallas Mavericks…
    I give him that much credit, but my beef was with the “Office of Foreign Assets Control Dep’t, not him as a player. I hope he comes the Grizzlies need all the help they can get, or maybe the Miami Heat pick him up. There are a lot of teams in the NBA that need a center….C’mon don’t fool yourself this guy is no Bosh or Howard. His stats can’t compare to theirs b/c he’s the only quality center who gets all the minutes, and Bosh & Howard split time due to the depth on TEAM USA…Let’s see what he does against NBA level talent night in, night out. If he does that next season, then I’ll be impressed…

  3. if I’m not wrong he had 16ppg, and I know he is not comparable to Dwight Howard (Since we all know Chris Bosh despite the fact that he played as a center in Olympic, is not a Center) and as I mentioned he is not going to be superstar in NBA but right now (unklike 12 years ago that shaq, Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Pat Ewing and… were playing) there is shortage of quality big men and unlike European in here post player plays a very important role so I guess NBA needs him too
    and I still believe he is much better than Yao when he joined NBA even I believe he is better than Pa Gasul

  4. Agree, there is a shortage of quality big men, and he’s definitely big. Is he quality? Time will tell b/c the numbers he posted in FIBA don’t translate to the NBA. European players are notoriously soft as compared to their American counterparts. Just look at Pau Gasol in the finals. You claim this guy is better than Pau & Yao, I beg to differ. Where is the proof?

    Just simple stats in a dozen or so FIBA games doesn’t mean he can duplicate that here. Yao & Pau came to NBA with an offensive skill set, as well as defensive presence & the ability to rebound. What offensive skill set does he have? A mid-range jump shot? No. A sky hook shot? No. A low post game like Olajuwon? No. So, how come you’re so sure he’s better than those two?

  5. Get a life dude. American families should fear you a lot more than a basketball player from Iran.

  6. Fear me why? Because I choose to think freely, independently. Yea you’re probably a fascists or anarchists is threatened by a global tide of change that is inevitably washing away your mis perceptions….

    I have a life, but you my friend need to find a hole and a book and jump in head first, then you might have an idea. Get a clue! Reading & understanding is FUNDAMENTAL!

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