In INTERNATIONAL NEWS, SPORTS on August 16, 2008 at UTC.18.31.
Through the first two rotations on vault & uneven bars, Liukins & Johnson were back and forth, and neck-in-neck. First rotation, on the vaults, Liukin STUCK her landing. In Contrast, Johnson cross stepped her landing stepping forward slightly. Though, Liukin had a good uneven bar routine she didn’t stick her landing on her dismount, conversely, Johnson STUCK her dismount on uneven bars. Overall, Liukin STUCK 3 out of 4 landings…..AMAZING!!
This was a showdown between America & China’s best gymnast in individual competition. It also featured the friendly rivalry between a pair of U.S. gymnast Natasha Liukin & Shawn Johnson. Johnson, who is the reigning world champion and silver medal winner in Beijing, almost beat out Liukin again.
Before the event began, each woman drew randomly to determine the order each would perform the last event, the floor exercise. At that time, those three, Liukin {1} YiLIn {2} & Johnson {3} epochly, were the top three in medal contention through all 3 preceeding events. This made the atmosphere electric & very tense as the. Also, the athletes had to wait for a greeen light to begin their routines.
Johnson was a favorite of Mary Lou Retton, who was in the house actively supporting Johnson. Previously, Johnson had outmatched Liukin at the U.S. championships and Olympic trials. She was a crowd favorite, eerily, reminding you of Mary Lou from years past. Her dream of a gold medal, and being today’s Mary Lou just wasn’t to be in this competition. Though she shined just the same and all Americans celebrate her & Liukin’s achievements.
Although, at the women’s all around competition Liukin was spectacular. Liukin finished with a final score of 63.325 points a mere six-tenths ahead of Shawn Johnson, though the competition was fiercely closer.
In the end, Nastia Liukin of the U.S. narrowily escaped teammate Shawn Johnson for the gold medal in women’s all-around gymnastics on Friday in Beijing. Yang Yilin of China won the bronze. In a showdown of the world’s best gymnasts, these three gymnast didn’t ease up with theater, drama, and entertainment.
If you missed it, then you missed an iconic moment in American athletics that will be celebrated for a lifetime.
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