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Elise Neal recently opened up about plastic surgery in Hollywood. In fact, she even admitted going under the knife herself.

Neal says, “Being a person who’s had plastic surgery I think it’s personal choice. A lot of people make me laugh about the plastic surgery situation because I hate to say it but most African American females in entertainment have had some type of plastic surgery.”

“Maybe it’s not breast enhancement but I’d say at least 75% of them have had their noses done and they cannot tell me that they haven’t. I’m sorry.”

75% seems a little high, but when you consider the competitive nature of Black women in Hollywood it might even be more. Considering, most of these actressess often times audition for the same parts….

Even though, she’s had her rack done, I’ll be the first to say, at least she got her monies worth. Not to mention, her augmentation is done in taste and not over kill. For example, Tiffany from I Love New York——she’s gonna have back problems in 5 years….you have to know how much is enuff…

Elise Neal’s job is tasteful, now if she can only do something with that tired ass day-glo orange weave….Not a good look!!!!

  1. Noooo….Whoever told you needed to go under the knife lied. You were beautiful!! I guess that’s what happens when you’re in Hollywood to long. Oh well….

  2. LoL.

    Fa’ Sho’ !!!

    Neal was already a DIME!

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