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DMX was picked up yesterday in Florida over a bench warrant issued against him in Arizona. Florida  lawyer, Brad Cohen, tried to bail him out today, but couldn’t — because Arizona courts list him as having a no bail hold. X was listed as having $25,000 cash bond, but somehow it’s changed.”

“So now the rapper has to sit in a Florida jail until his October 2 court hearing for a possession charge he has in Miami. Cohen told us he’ll have him out before then … if they can straighten everything out.”

Why don’t they enlist DMX into a celebrity rehab program? I mean, OMG, Robert Downey was just as trifling as X a few years ago, now he’s resurrected his career. This brother obviously needs help, and the people in his camp certainly don’t give two cent about him.

It’s ironic the way Black & white entertainers get treated in the U.S. It’s like the Black entertainer is presumed guilty before the facts are known. On the other hand, white actors recieve the benefit of the doubt, and are extended every opportunity to make amends.

Why is that? Am I the only one who notices this? Doubtful, the masses are just caught up, or fearful. Politics of fear at its best….

Somebody pray for DMX!! I am…..God Bless you brother, may you find peace in the Most High and conquer your vices. Amen!!

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