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Few athletes could match the intensity and memorable moments like Jackie kersee. The way in which she carried herself will always be a model of virtue for other competitors across gender & racial lines. For certain, she was a class act whenever she competed. She is a great champion for all ages & all generations….her story is the stuff LEGENDS are made of….if you don’t know you better ask someone about her, she was ther real deal. Ya Heard?

“Jackie Joyner-Kersee, racked up a world-record 7,291 points in her first of two Olympic heptathlon titles in 1988. With three gold, two silver and two bronze Olympic medals to her name, it seems obvious why many have proclaimed her the top female athlete of the 20th century.”

Jackie Joyner-Kersee is the Greatest American Female Athlete Ever. As a Heptathlete she competes in 10 different events, which means she’s an all around athlete. Her wide variety of talent, competitive nature, and tenacity are unmatched. Indeed, with a remarkable skill set she is an inspiration to little girls everywhere. With a total of 7 Olympic medals she is near the top of the list with medals won in her extensive Olympic career.


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