Racism is a system of power, the power to enforce your bias with statutory laws. Black people can be discriminatory, prejudicial, and stereotypical, but not racist. There is a clear distinction. Racism oppresses, denigrates, and perpetuates itself through institutions {education, government, military,political, religious, banking & finance, justice department, court system, housing etc.}cultures, corporations, and families to name a few.

 Racism is persecution backed by de facto & de jure laws that justify the action and allow the perpetuators to walk free. People of color can be convicted of hate crimes because hate, unlike race knows no color barrier. Are some Blacks oppressive against their own? Yes. Are some blacks oppressive against other groups? No, they are prejudicial, not oppressive. People of color don’t have the power to oppress or persecute anyone, even if Obama wins the bid as President. One person or even Congress can not change over 200 years of American history & status quo politics. The fashion magazines & industry simply ‘tow the line’ that society creates. Industry is a microcosom of what we we all see every day.

Racism, according to Webster’s dictionary is racial discrimination; persecution etc. I respectfully dis agree with Mr. Webster. Consider this, white people wouldn’t even know what racism was had it not been for Black people. Tell me how the victimizer understands the victim’s point of view. They can’t, if they could why would they create or committ the wrong to begin with.

Let’s look at it another way, if I’m benefitting from a program chances are I haven’t even thought about those who don’t benefit. For example, obtaining a car or home loan and your credit is PRIME! This country has never looked at race honestly. Not even, in the days of the non-violent peaceful protest of Martin luther King. In fact, he effectively stirred America’s conscience, yet people insisted that change couldn’t happen swiftly or too sudden. Blacks were cautioned to wait & things would miraculously get better.

That’s tantamount to an arsonist telling a burn victim not to worry about his life because in time he might live, but don’t seek justice, just live with it, its not that bad. I know many of you have heard these arguments before, and they spit in the face of morality & decency. The fact remains whites don’t really know to the extent racism goes because they are the perpetuators of it. Moreover, when it arises they get defensive  because they think “its better now, you aren’t in chains anymore.” So, somehow that makes it alright.

Instead of getting defensive, they need to listen with their heart and not their ears. How can a Nazi tell a Jew anti-semitism doesn’t exist or even argue to what extent it exists. Its asinine & egregious! It would never happen. Its proposterous, but thats whats going on in America right now. Most whites are ignorant on the subject, but feel strongly about it and try aand pass off their feelings & opinions as truth with absolutely no proof, fact or basis.

You can’t disassociate your self from American history despite being omitted. The same free-forced-labor that built this country, the capitol, the railroads and all manner of industry is still present and so are the monumental profits as a by-product of the free labor.

Criminals always maintain their innocence despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Its the same here with the response to racist charges levied against the state, police departments, individuals, etc. No one evr admits the fact that they are racist. Its become this political football that the establishment has confused the masses into thinking anyone can be racist. How the Hell you figure that?

Who controls 97% of all wealth in America? Who owns & controls a majority of International corporations? Whose depicted on the monetary unit? Who makes up 5% of the world population, but controls over 60% of the worlds resources? Who invented the word nigger? Who defined the word Black with all the negative connotations? Who owns & controls the corporate media? Who has the power to ban a person from entering a country lawfully? Who benefits from white privelege? Who benefits from transparency?

Finally, to all my white brothers & sisters out there in cyberspace don’t get me wrong I love all people. I just have an utter disdain for “closet racist” or ignorant people who don’t what they speak of, but choose to cite their opinion & pass it off as truth, when in fact, its just a perspective. Now, where my racists at? Let’s admit it, so we can get on with business of rectifying teh American social order in quick time because…..




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