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The presidential campaigns for Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton have announced that Senator Clinton’s name will be put in nomination at the Democratic National Convention later this month in Denver, Colorado. Why? You ask.

Well, according to reports, “They are both committed to winning back the White House and to to ensuring that the voices of all 35 million people who participated in this historic primary election are respected and heard in Denver.” So, are we to presume that her voters voices haven’t been heard yet? Hardly, Hillary Clinton is a political opportunist who doesn’t know how to bow out gracefully.

In a joint statement from both campaigns released earlier today, “Since June, Senators Obama and Clinton have been working together to ensure a Democratic victory this November.

To honor and celebrate these voices and votes, both Senator Obama’s and Senator Clinton’s names will be placed in nomination.”

The release from the Obama campaign acknowledged Senator Clinton’s historical campaign and agreed it would be in the best interest for party unity, in addition, to support her campaign in her bid to become the first viable woman canididate for President.

“I am convinced that honoring Senator Clinton’s historic campaign in this way will help us celebrate this defining moment in our history and bring the party together in a strong united fashion,” said Obama in the statement, which also quoted Clinton saying that “with every voice heard and the Party strongly united, we will elect Senator Obama President of the United States and put our nation on the path to peace and prosperity once again.”

So, this really seems like a political gesture aimed at helping Clinton & her supporters save face. Indeed, Obama is already playing politics by allowing her to ‘steal his thunder’ a bit, but knowing full well she will tow th party line & back his candidacy, or so he hopes. I respect the Clinton campaign, however, I don’t trust them to do as they say they will. “There’s something in the milk that’s not clean”, stay tuned I get the feeling there’s more to this story.

A Democratic Party insider familiar with convention plans says the move would bring “peace in the kingdom.” The source adds that the Obama campaign “always knew it would probably have to happen.”

So, it sounds like this is apart of her concession, just the long drwan out version. She wants her name mentioned in the same breath as Shirley Chisolm the first, African American & female to be nominated for the President of the United States. Chisolm was “roll called” at the Democratic National Convention in 1972.

“They have known since the day she dropped out that she wanted this ‘for history,’ says the Democratic operative.

  1. Putting the Clintons on stage two nights and her name in nomination is helping kill any momentum to get behind the Democratic nominee.

    That is a bad idea.

    Substituting the new world order for the democratic process in not going to rally anyone behind anyone.

    “We the people” are not considered in anything these days.

  2. Hillary can legally and morally take the nomination away from Obama.

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