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Serena Williams is an elite athlete. She has won the “grand slam” or all 4 major tournaments in the Women’s Tennis Association {WTA}. A feat that not to many players can claim, including her sister Venus.

Although, she is the consummate champion people still doubt her committment to the WTA tour every year because she has taken coinsiderable time off.

Unlike other players whom play year round the Williams’ sisters aren’t married to the sport that has set them up financially for the rest of their lives.                 


Venus has a clothing line called: Eleven. One more than a dime or a 10 Venus explains. Serena has a clothing line comin out as well. However, Serena has had some minor acting roles and she certainly seems to have a following.

Lebron James came to her match yesterday in Beijing. Serena is glamorous woman who is just touching her potential.                                                                                                   

These are some photos from the latest edition of Men’s Health. Let me warn you though if you have a weak heart you might not want to look at Serena in these shots…. She is remarkably stunning! WOW!!

She may or may not realize this, but she’s a sex symbol and is the primary reason most brothers watch Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open, the U.S. Open & any tournament she’s playing in. She’s made tennis sexy!! No argument there….

Ummm, ummm, ummm Baby Girl is Finer than All outdoors……. If Grits ain’t grocery than eggs ain’t poultry……..



  1. I recently stumbled upon a posting online attempting to show a contrast of Taylor Momsen and Serena Williams wearing the same outfit ie: An Azure Cami Top and Lightweight Loose Summer Shorts.

    The poster was quite obviously a Taylor Fan, fact is in the photo of Taylor she is wearing heels and quite obviously posing (Quite Average) whereas
    Serena is wearing the same outfit casually to the store in sandals, very natural and matter of fact for her carrying her shopping bag 🙂

    I think that poster needs to see examples of when serena actually poses and Models, as she is not just an outstanding Athlete but also a Very Stylish Lady.

  2. So sexy

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