Beijing Olympics: Phelps Best Ever, Most Gold Medals Ever


As of today, the United States of America has 10 Gold medals & Michael Phelps has 5 of them. That’s just how dominant he’s been in Beijing.

Although, with his latest Gold medal last nite in the 4×200 Relay race, Phelps became the All-Time American leader with the most Gold medals. Carl Lewis, Mark Spitz, Bruce Jenner, Michael Johnson none of the above have more Gold than Phelps. He will go down in history as the Greatest American athlete in Olympic history.

He has 11 Gold medals in total with his wins last night. However, his quest is far from over, though half way there. Still, left in his Gold medal sights are the 200 individual medley, 100 Butterfly, and the 4×100 medley relay. Phelps wants to win 8 Gold medals in Beijing, the way he’s looking in the pool, he’s definitely a favorite.

What’s so amazing about Phelps is not just his historical wins and medals, moreso, how he just destroys the competition. Some races haven’t even been close, since he’s also smashing Olympic, World & American records in his pursuit.

He’s the greatest olympic athlete in American history, and you can’t say it enough. It’s just mind blowing to watch this guy, yet he makes it all look so easy. Sometimes, Phelps has more than one race in an afternoon, but he still comes out ahead of the field anyway despite the being visibly worn.

His only real issue during the race was a pair of leaky goggles. He said, “I knew there was nothing I could do….I could just swim.” Still, he out swam the field with no visibility & the frustration knowing he couldn’t fix his goggles during the race because he wears two caps to keep them in place.

After the race, “Phelps was visibly angry with his lousy world record when he got out of the pool. An hour later, he was back in the water and ready to take out his aggravation in the 4×200 freestyle relay. He swam the fastest lead leg ever in that event, threatening the 200 free world record he set a day earlier, and helping the Americans smash the world mark by nearly five seconds.”

That’s UNBELIEVABLE!! Smashing a world record by 5 seconds…you really have to see it to really believe what’s happening & the historicity in it all…

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