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 On August 1, Judge J.P. Mauffray Jr. was removed from the Jena 6 trial due to his highly biased remarks about the defendants. Judge Mauffray voiced his prejudice when he called the young men “real trouble makers” & “a violent bunch.”

Another court official, Judge Yeager who removed Judge Mauffray said, “The right to a fair and impartial judge is of particular importance in the present cases.” Mauffray’s ruling on the school fight that landed the six black youth in court were so racist & biased they had to be overturned 3 times.

A Louisiana appeals court ruled that Mychal Bell had to be tried as a juvenile and not as an adult as Mauffray had intended. This Judge broke all precedence with his citing Mr. Bell to a court for adults. How could this Judge justify this action? I recall hearing reports that the District Attorney in this trial was just as biased & prejudiced against these boys.

Its as if they had a perrsonal vendetta against these young men and the only way to  make it right in their eyes was to “throw the book at them.” Despite the intentions of the ‘Good Ole Boy network’ down in Louisana these boys have a nation behind them in their fight for justice & equality that are still following this case with a keen eye. Ever ready to amass in great numbers again to see that justice is carried out in this trial.

Remember, Justice Yeager previously prevented Mauffray from closing the Jena 6 proceedings to the public and media. A critical element that added more momentum to the struggle because it allowed the world to see teh racist District Attorney, Judge and townes people.


The Judge put these boys on trial for murder related charges for a school fight that wasn’t provoked by them. In fact, many have said that the legal system had legally LYNCHED the Jena 6, and that is the main reason for the massive show of solidarity they enjoyed from the National black community.

He set bails at an astronomical rate for what was a misdemeanor offense. Bail was $70,000 and $138,000 for a rural community it was exceptionally high, indeed, the bail kept the boys imprisoned longer than usual. Seemingly, that ws the whole point in setting the bail to that amount, knowing the working families couldn’t afford it.



The events that lead up to the Jena 6 trial is unbelievable at best. Even in this supposedly coming together of the races, we see just how disparate the old South really is. Moreover, the reluctance from so many people to acknowledge the wrongdoing, though not wanting justice for the provocateurs.

In September 2006, a Black high school student was given permission by the school principal to sit under a tree where only white students usually sat. The next day, three nooses were seen hanging ominously from the “white tree.”

The three white students responsible for this racist act of terror were never reprimanded, nor were their actions condemned at school for three days after the fact. The school’s superintendent explained, “Adolescents play pranks. I don’t think it was a threat against anybody.” It shouldn’t matter, however we must tell the truth, he was white. For I don’t think a person of color could have rendered the same decision.



On Dec. 1, 2006, a few weeks after the nooses were hung from the tree, Black student Robert Bailey attended an all-white student party by invitation. He was attacked and beaten by a crowd, which included Matt Windham and Justin Barker. When police arrived they told Bailey and his friends to “get back to their side of town.”

Next day, Bailey ran into Windham at a gas station. Words are exchanged, and Windham pulls out a sawed-off shotgun. Suddenly, Bailey and other Black students that were with him successfully wrestled the gun from Windham’s hands, beat him up and fled the scene. Miraculously, Windham was not detained, questioned, nor arrested. Southern American Justice at its best!!

Couple of days later, Barker was on campus openly defending the white students who had hung the nooses, using the word “n****r” freely. In response, several Black students roughed up Barker, who was taken to the hospital and released the same day. So, what do you think happened next? Do you think they arrested the white students who jumped Bailey at the party? Did they arrest the young man who brandished a shotgun?

Of course not, the six young black men who defended their lives from an armed assault were arrested. How couold this be? Are there systems of Justice in America, one white, the other Black? Yes, this case spells it out as clear as day light. Can you see it, or are your eyes squinting cause the light is so bright with the criminalization of Black men?

The Jena 6 case is a perfect example of American (In) Justice and the racialized systematic repression, persecution and oppression of Black people and their attempt at due process under the law!!!






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