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The Milwaukee Bucks traded point guard Mo Williams to the Cleveland Cavs in exchange for the expiring contract of guard Damon Jones. In addition, the Bucks also recieve Adrian Griffin & point guard Luke Ridnour from Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City acquires the Cavalier power forward Joe Smith and Bucks forward Desmond Mason.

The way the deal shakes out it seems to be an upgrade all the way around. The Bucks really got a 3 for 1, though out of all those players only Ridenour is a starter. They lose Mo Williams, yet acquire Griffin, Ridenour & Jones.

The OKC team w/ no mascot didn’t do so bad in this deal either. They acquire Joe Smith & Desmond Mason for the price of Adrian Griffin & Luke Ridenour. I mean they lose a point guard in Luke, but they still have Earl Watson & rookie Russel Westbrook. So, they actually upgraded considerably & got some veteran leadership in Smith.

Now, the real winners in this trade are the CAVS. For once, since Lebron’s been in Cleveland he’s never had a bona fide point guard next to him. Now he does, and what do they ultimately sacrifice to get him: a bench player in Damon Jones & role player in Joe Smith. Neither, will be missed in Cleveland. The CAVS have made a tremendous upgrade at point & to their overall team. Best of all, they didn’t have to give up much to get him…

This should go along way in keeping James happy with his teams progress and stoking their hopes at another run at an NBA Championship.

  1. The thing is that Mo Williams isn’t much of a point guard at all. Mo Williams is more of a shooting guard. I think Mo’s very similar to Daniel Gibson. Also not much of a point guard but more of a shooting guard. But the Cavs did basically get Mo for nothing. But they really need Delonte West to run the point.

    The bucks just basically got Luke Ridnour and two expiring contracts. Luke is good but he’s actually a downgrade from Mo. The bucks did this deal basically to get more minutes for Ramon Sessions to develop.

    The OKC got desmond mason and joe smith. Which is pretty good. Desmond Mason has now played for Sonics, Bucks, Okc/no hornets, Bucks, and now the new OKC team. I see desmond mason coming off the bench backing up Durant.

  2. Sessions, is he a point guard or what? Bottom line is they got a whole lot better & didn’t give up any key players to do so.

    Mo Will averaged 17 ppg so he’s more than adequate to handle the job. I disagree with you I think Wet makes a better shooting guard. Either way the CAVS have more versatility to play around King James….

    There back court is set now. Agreed, Mason is a rolling stone. But DUDE has mad hops, so he’ll be good off teh bench in OKC….

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