In LIFESTYLE on August 12, 2008 at UTC.32.31.

Well, if the rumors are true then Premier of Turks & Caicos Michael Misick has been “creepin” with Rocsci from 106 & Park? Misick has been accussed of rape & shady real estate dealings in island paradise.

Lisa Raye is married to Premier Misisck and can often times be seen accompanying her husband conducting state business.

In fact, numerous Hollywood stars have been to the island for Jazz festivals & other entertainment venues.

Raye has done her part to share the beauty of the island by being an informal marketing representative.

Not sure what to make of this one, I think I’ll wait til the dust settles and we learn more of the facts.

Certainly, don’t want to convict an innocent man, however reports say that Rocsi may be the female that claims the “rape” charge out of her jealousy of teh Premier’s marriage…

Look don’t fault the messenger I’m just bloggin’ it as I hear it….. Stay tuned!!

Who’s hotter? Who’s more of 1st Lady?

  1. Of course its Lisaray

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