In ART, CULTURE, LIFESTYLE, MUSIC on August 12, 2008 at UTC.20.31.

The streetz is watchin’ and word is Lil Wayne & T Pain have more than just a studio collabo project in the mix. With a lot of material at their disposal they could literally lock down the market with a studio LP & an underground mixtape album. Arguably, two of the hottest entertainers right now. It seems you can’t turn on the radio without hearing one of their many songs, or the countless features they’re rippin on.

According to T Pain, “I’ve been doing an album with Lil Wayne. It’s called T-Wayne: The Project. It’s basically just going to be an array of things, just a visual love. The two artists you’ve seen collaborate with everyone except each other. When you see us together, it’s crazy right now. We already have what we’ve done. We’re gonna keep going till they tell us to stop. We might even put out a mixtape. We’ve got so many songs that we just might do a T-Wayne mixtape too.”

Everyone is dying to have one of these artists on their tracks in the ever competitive music industry. Placing two elite talents together is sure to spark creativity and eager consumers to snatch up any copy of mixtape or CD. Anything these brothers have touched has turned to platinum. They make hit music…that’s what they do! “Long hair, & Don’t care” as Weezy would say!

  1. wow… t-wayne? lmao.. interesting…

  2. know what im sayin… lmao…. thats what it is….

  3. that picture is ugly! Long hair dont care his trade mark!! hes a legend!!


  4. much respect and love can’t wait it’s going to be fire

  5. I’m SO excited for this compilation! T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne are by far my favorite rappers. This is going to be HOTT! ❤

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