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You grow up watching certain television shows and creating a fictitious bond with the characters. You’d like to think if you lived in Chicago you & Thelma from Good Times could kick it and reflect on some Good Times.

Still, its hard to believe “little ashley” from Fresh Prince is 29 years old now. Damn, where has all the time gone? She was really cute and funny back then. How, she’s all substance and politically astute. When did this transition occur?

Seriously, whether we want to admit or not there has always been a fascination with actors female & male respectively depending on your own gender. However, there are few that grow up before our eyes almost totally obscure. This is one such case with this sister whose been in the game for a while.

Now, that she’s all grown up what is she into? Well, she has a starring role on the Young & the Restless. Miss Ali can also be seen in the psychological thriller Hotel California starring her & Tyson Beckford. In addition, she’s preparing her sophomore CD entitled The Light. Sounds spiritual. Sounds like grown folks music.

She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Political & African Studies. In fact, she’s done work as a surrogate for the Obama campaign. She travels around the country speaking to college students, not just about the general election, but about real issues. Like the ever rising cost of GAS!!

Though she loves acting and being in front of the camera she’s definitely a double threat waiting to happen. Ali has partnered with a collegue and created aproduction company called Hazrah. Be sure to look out for production work because they have a project in the pipeline.

“Our first project is a Web series called Buppies, which touches on Black Hollywood and has a little bit of a Sex and the City and Entourage vibe. It’s about the characters, both women and men, figuring out who they are.”

Indeed, baby girl is all grown up and we are figuring out who she is. At least, we know she’s more than just a pretty face, this sister has a conscience & awareness that belies her supple beauty.

Do your thang girl!!    Young Black & Fabulous you make us look good!!


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