In CULTURE, LIFESTYLE, MUSIC on August 12, 2008 at UTC.19.31.

“I bring a sexy, high-energy vibe to any party that I spin. I want people to dance; I want it to be sexy. Aesthetically, it’s nice to have a girl in the booth who’s dressed like one of the clubgoers. Recently, Puffy had me do the after-party for his Hollywood Walk of Fame function in the Hollywood Hills. I get there and I’m dressed up all sexy, ready to rock.

The only place where they can set up the DJ booth is in a foyer on the second level of the house, between the major rooms. I didn’t even know how I was doing, because I couldn’t see people. Then Puff comes upstairs and goes, ‘Look, kid, I know you can’t see what’s going on, but you are killing it right now.’”

Something tells me that we’ll be seeing & hearing more from DJ Kiss. She definitely has the look to rock a party, but looks alone don’t get the partay crackin’… So, its good to know that she’s knowledgable of her craft. Keep an ear to the street for this one & remember you heard it here first!


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