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Wdae led the charge with 19 pts followed by James with 18 pts & Bryant with 13 pts. The final score 101-70: America wins…

“It was our first game. We were very anxious. We missed shots that we normally would hit. But at the end of the day, you win by almost 30 points, you’ve got to take good things out of that,” Wade said. “We played very, very hard. We give ourselves a chance defensively every night. That’s what it’s all about with us.”

Team USA fell behind early when the 7’5” Yao Ming stepped out to International 3 pt line & let it rip. The bucket sank as China jumped out to an early lead over the Americans. The game was full of hi-lights.


Kobe Byant had a breakaway dunk in the 2nd quarter over his newly acquired team mate of 1 day Sun Yue. In the 3rd quarter Dwight Howard was going up for a left handed lay-up when out of nowhere Sun Yue leaped in for the block. He’s 6-9 and extremely athletic. Yi Jianlin also had a put back dunk over Carmelo Anthony. In addition, Darrin Williams had a dunk over Yao Ming that is sure to be on highlight reels from one corner to the other, though to yao’s credit he was only about 65-70% healthy.

Still, this game was extremely competitive over the first 2 1/2 quarters. China was only down by 12 points at the half. Though, when the 2nd half began the “Redeem Team” took over in a hurry and the game was never in question after that.

“NBA players are wildly popular in China, where the league estimates 300 million people play basketball. The Americans, still known as the Dream Team here, enjoyed a huge backing during exhibition games in Macau and Shanghai, support that will surely help them here on their gold-medal quest. ”

Although, the U.S. team struggled from beyond the arc they only completed 1-12 in the first half of play, while China went 5-7 to keep things relatively close.

Even though they struggled early there defense was the barometer that kept the team grounded. Despite being in a building with over 18,000 fans, anytime Bryant, James, or Wade made an exciting play or dunk the crowd went hysterical. It was obvious that TEAM USA has a lot of fans in Beijing which should help them in teh medal rounds after these first 5 games in the preliminary rounds.

“Look, I had five dunks in one game. That’s because of the crowd. Last time I had five dunks in a game I was like 17. So that’s all because of the energy in this crowd,” Bryant said. “I think they knew that history was being made tonight and obviously it was a proud moment for their country as it was for ours. You could feel the electricity.”



  1. The US team looked pretty impressive out there. They made it look easy. If they keep playing like that there going to win gold for sure. The Chinese team also looked pretty good out there. The Chinese are getting better at basketball.

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  3. what a move by kobe!!
    i love it!@!
    in the way he dunk!!!

  4. We are proud of you Team USA.Go all the way

  5. Thats all.USA #1

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