The July edition of Vogue Italia has caused quite a stir. Its featuring, for the first time ever,  an all Black cast of models was a huge success. The glam mag sold out of bookstands in NYC and other metropolitan cities across the U.S.  Why was this issue so HOT?

Perhaps, you need to see what all the hoopla was/is about, thats if you were one of the very fortunate to procure a copy. If not, there are some places you can see some of the spreads..

..though from what I’ve heard and seen online it was well done and every aspect of the spreads covered in the edition popped with sensuality, glamour, and allure…

One time for Sexual Chocalate…. 😉

The timing for Vogue, in my opinion, was auspicious, whereas, this year is the 50th anniversary of Ebony’s Fashion Fair line produced by Eunice Johnson, wife of Mr. Johnson of Johnson Publishing Company who print Ebony, JET, & Ebony Man Magazine.

 Fashion Fair (FF) is purportedly reponsible for showing the world the beauty & glamour of all things Black. Specifically, as it pertains to the oft cited racially charged non-inclusive fashion industry.

As a matter of fact, Supermodel IMAN recently said that Fashion Fair ‘broke’ her career. There would be no IMAN, &  Beverly Johnson were it not for FF! IN fact, Beverly Johnson was the first African Ammerican model to grace the cover of a major mainstream publication.

 Until, Fashion Fair incorporated top European designers into their shows, simultaneously showcasing Black style & European threads, the world hadn’t seen Black models in an ultra-chic & highly stylized sense. Fashion Fair is really the precursor to all things associated with Black glamour from an Afri-cology motif.

The Black edition of Vogue Italia features models such as: Tyra Banks, Alek Wek, Iman, Veronica Webb, Grace Jones, Arlenis, Naomi, & Sessilee, to name a few are featured in this much hyped edition.

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  2. This is really awesome! I am so proud to be a black woman! I was not always proud but I am now! Do you know where someone can pick up one of these copies? Or do you need to subscribe to vogue to get it? Your Blog is great! Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you my sister for your gr8 comments. Here is one place you can go to see some of the Vogue Italia Black Edition. There are a few links that I’ve seen since they have so many models. I’ll send them to you periodically, unfortunately I don’t know where to find one in actual print. They have SOLD OUT everywhere, but maybe you can special order one from the magazine directly.

    Thanks again for the compliment on the blog. Keep reading & posting! Please tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend….

    Peace & Love Family!!!

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