Dwyane Wade Back! N Ballin! Why he’s HEATED like the SoFla SUN!


Since Wade won the 2006 MVP in the Finals he hasn’t been healthy. He has struggled to get back 100% since they won the World Championship 2 years ago. In fact, with his stellar play this summer he has a bit of an edge. He says; “I played angry. So it’s the same kind of feeling on the court. Any doubt that people have in their mind about you as a player, you want to erase it. Just like it was when I first came in the league.”

If you think its just gonna be a summer time edge with Wade think again. He’s committed to bring the same fire &  edge this upcoming season in Miami. As a Heat fan I rejoice the return of Wade’s health he’s the kind of player that really depends on his athleticism to spark his game to the next level. So, if he’s injured you’re just seeing a shell of the kind of player he really is.

“That’s going to be like that probably all year, for a while, just that anger, that focus of getting back to total respect, he said by phone before joining his Olympic teammates at practice in Macau, China, in advance of an exhibition game there today against Turkey.”

All of his Team USA mates have admitted that he’s back & playing at an unbelieveable level. Key players from US Men’s team have touted Wade’s playmaking ability. To his credit he’s been the consummate professional, he’s made no complaint about being the teams 6th man off the bench.

“Well, first of all, any compliment you get from your peers or your teammates means more than compliments that come from outside, he told a correspondent for USA Basketball. “So I appreciate LeBron and the guys for saying that and really being behind me the whole time.”

 Over the first five exhibition games he’s averaging 18 points. Clearly, he’s been the most spectacular on this all-star caliber team. He is the team leader in points per game, and is shooting an unearthly .723% from the field. His vicious dunk against the Liths left no doubt that he’s back: an alley-hoop from Chris Paul that was a double-pump windmill slam in transition! BLAMM!!

Says Wade, “Chris Paul threw me a lob and I caught it backward and took it down and dunked it,” Wade said. “I hadn’t done that since my rookie year when I was flying. I didn’t feel like I had an injury.” In the offseason Wade works out with Tim Glover, MJ’s former trainer.  he’s worked on strengthening his core & his legs. He realized that he had build-up the muscles around the knee to withstand the rigors of the NBA season & his quick spurts. The work has obviously payed off so hopefully it extends throughout late summer into next NBA season.

“I hope all these questions leave because I’m healthy, Wade said recently. My knee feels good. No pain. I’m the strongest I’ve been in a long time. I’m looking forward to being healthy and winning a gold medal.”

He’s recaptured his explosiveness in his quick first step. His characteristic slashes & drives to the rim are reminiscent of his rookie season. Wade seems to be stronger mentally as well as physically, so much so, you can see his exhuberance and joy when he plays. He’s back and enjoying the game!

“I’ve proven that I’ve put in the work, he said. I don’t know what more I can say with my words. The only thing I can show is with my play.”

The game against Russsia he had 12 points and 7 rebounds at haldtime. In fact, he was the game hi scorer and USA high scorer. If you’re a Miami Heat fan than you are elated that Wade is fully recovered from his last two season injuries. He’s missed a total of 62 games in the last two seasons. To his credit, though he was hurt during 2006, the year they won the ring, still, he played with the US team w/o giving his body a chance to heal.

Then the next season he had that terrible shoulder seperation followed by this years knee problems. We know the caliber of player he is when fully healthy. Although, some attribute his style of play as  the primary reason he’s often times injured. Some have suggested to him that he should change his style.

“You don’t change your game. You alter certain things, said the 26-year-old Wade, who worked on his outside shooting during his time off. That comes with age and that goes with everybody. Everybody adds a piece to their game every year, but why would I change my game? You might as well get rid of me because I can’t be the player you all want me to be if I do that. I’m going to continue to play the way I play. My body can’t do what it did at 21 without injuries; it’s just about altering certain things as you get older.”

  1. Wade is back for sure. Is it just me or does Wade look blacker? Did he get a tan or something.

  2. I’m really upset you said that…lol! Blacker? Get it together people!

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