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In PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION on August 29, 2008 at UTC.08.31.

Barack Obama becomes the first African-American to win the nomination of a major parties candidacy. Mr. Obama joins a litany of stalwart African-American leaders whom have sought the highest office in the land. From, Frederick Douglas 1868, (R) roll call vote, Shirley Chisolm 1972 (1st Black woman), to Jesse Jackson in ’84 & ’88 and Al Sharpton.

With respect to all the aforementioned candidates, none of them were politically viable to realize their ambitions. Obama is more than viable, he’s actually likely, despite the polls, pundits & naysayers. James Clyburn, House Majority Whip is the highest Black elected official in D.C. Most of the congressional black caucus (CBC) are members of the House of Representatives. At one time, Obama was the only Senator member of the CBC in Congress. Secretary of State: Condoleeza Rice was appointed.

So, from that vantage point, Obama has done the unthinkable. Ironically, as I’ve said in the past during the primaries, most Blacks didn’t support him either. It wasn’t until his first victory in Iowa, and very strong showing in New Hampshire that masses of black folks jumped on the band wagon, when they realized the brother had a credible shot, especially among white people.

How do I know? I supported him from the word: GO! I did my own polling, first hand no matter where I went, and young & old were like we behind Clnton. I was incredulous! It was tantamount to treason in my eyes. President Clinton signed into law the 3 strikes bill, a bill that saw the imprisonment of 1 million black men! Our community didn’t support Clinton because of his policies, we didn’t have any idea, even to this day. We just embraced him as a play cousin ‘who acted black too.’ We’ve fallen in love with oppression we can’t even grab hold of what was right in front of us.

It was 45 years ago to the day, 8/28/2008 when Matin Luther King Jr. made his seminal speech, “I Have A Dream.” Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of the Unites States of America. The Invesco Field House, in Denver, Colorado saw a crowd of over 85,000 people to watch history being made.

From movie stars, Jamie Foxx, and Jessica Alba. To former NBA all-star, Charles Barkley to critically acclaimed movie director Spike Lee that stadium was filled to the rafters. For those who couldn’t make it to Denver they amassed in Time Square and watched on the Jumbotron. Others organized “watch parties” in their homes, bars, meeting halls, libraries, coffee houses & internet cafes.

It would seem that a great majority of American & International homes were tuned in to watch this auspicious moment in American history. Indeed, it was the fulfillment of a prophetic speech given by King many years ago. Some of the lines of that speech played out Thursday night before all of our eyes. I saw Sasha & Malia Obama playing with, I believe were Biden’s little girls on stage as fireworks went off overhead.

Compare that scene with, “One day black girls & white girls will sing together…..” The speech went something like that, and there before us to witness. Basically, the equality & recognition that Martin fought for was realized in some real tangible way. It felt like an accomlishment was achieved, though long & protracted. Not to say, the struggle is over, by any stretch of the imagination.

That was a memorable moment, as the camera panned I saw a black woman & white woman embrace. It was a beautiful uplifting sentiment, I know they were strangers, but somehow they were united together as Americans. Not the hokey pretense we all saw after 9/11. We were mad as hell then, now we’re madly in love with one another, unless he loses then all hell will break loose! 🙂 lol  

Seriously, its one thing to find unity in time of crisis, when your life may depend on it, and quite another when you’re free to choose at your disposal. Seeing people come under one banner in harmony is quite the spectacle, yet insulting when its scripted. This was no script, nor was it rehearsed. I don’t know what I witnessed fully right now, I’ll have a better idea on November 5, 2008. The day after the general election we will all have a greater sense about where we individually & collectively are headed!!!!

Although, it was hardly a coincidence that a Black man whom was only two years old at the time, another Black man called on this country to live out its purpose & creed. Eerily, Obama is living out the dream, by once again stirring a country’s conscience, similarily to King 45 years ago. Obama, like King opposes an immoral war abroad, amid growing tensions at home.

The world is very different, yet some of the themes we find ourselves in as a nation faced with are painfully similar.

This is a milestone in our individual & collective lives, no matter what happens from here. The intention is to win the election, and start the business of reconciling  this broken economy, redeveloping infrastructure & inner-cities, and returning the collective hope of a nation! He’s no savior, he’s only a man, though what he has inspired is nothing short of a movement.

He had some real poignant lines tonight: “we can’t turn back, equal pay for an equal day’s work, no capital gains tax for small businesses & start-ups,  & a 95% cut in taxes for the middle class!”

I’m not even versed on tax codes (capital gains taxes), but Obama made me want to go and research ways I can expand my start-up to economic viability. He illicits a response within people that moves them to action. That’s not easy to do, damn near impossible for politicians. I’ve never met one, in fact, he has redefined the way in which we look at elected officials. He makes them look honorable because you can see his integrity.

Consider this, he touched a lot of issues that Democrats traditionally are loathed to discuss. Such as, abortion, the right to bear arms, and same sex unions. These issues are harbingers of GOP policies. Obama went there and deftly articulated a liberal view, but with a non-partisan humanism. He contrasted the two political philosophies of conservative right with liberal left, and molded them into one tapestry of justice an equality for all. He really did that, it was amazing to witness that!!!!